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CADRE IS A NATIONWIDE MOVEMENT that aims to engage all able people of goodwill to become healthcare workers!

WHY? When it comes to healthcare nowadays the champions of conventional thinking are those who can most efficiently compress the working space for workers, in order to control the availability of staff at the precise time in which the whole country is in bad need of healthcare workers. So, recruitment has become less about engaging all available talent to contribute to changing needs; Sadly, it is nowadays more about discouraging as many people as possible from actively becoming healthcare workers. CADRE emerged as a push against this philosophy: We exist to challenge artificial hurdles that are put up to discourage hard working people from becoming healthcare workers, including bad working conditions, bad wages and discrimination in the work places. This is more so among young people in the UK. 

CADRE HEALTHCARE was set up following our frustration trying to obtain guaranteed support, at a time when everyone was isolating at home, frustrated, but hearing mention of the word 'frontline' a lot. We couldnt understand how people on the 'frontline' dont report to work, or on time! WE decided to set up a SERVICE THAT COULD BE RELIED NO MATTER WHAT! To do that we had to have an ambidextrous team of skilled workers who can do more than one thing!! The healthcare industry right now is in the chokehold of middlemen who promise the cheap worker, rather than the skilled, reliable, hard worker. So CADRE is not your regular army (with its large numbers of cheap, but unreliable, workers): WE are the special forces of the healthcare frontline- Small in size, with a wide range of skills and fully motivated. So far all homecare managers that we support across the North-West and the rest of England have told us that this is what they ACTUALLY NEED.


90% of our workers are registered nurses. 

Our registered nurses cover HCA shifts.

All our workers are fully-vetted and are insured. 

WE are not on the so-called panel, so we pass our income to our workers and gurantee support to our Care home clients directly. Our clients have carehomes and we have the skilled staff to support them. That's all that matters. 

Our rates are the same for all our clients, no matter the distance or size of agency cover order.

For clients and service users, we aim to:

Provide the highest standard of care.

Enhance their quality of life and maximise their potential.

Fully respect their dignity, individuality, cultural, social and religious needs.

Recognise their right to privacy, including confidential information about themselves, their family and friends.

Attend their needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

For our clients and partners, we aim to:

Be an active part of the care teams in organisations we work with.

Fully integrate with them to ensure continuity of care and support to patients.

Collaborate and co-operate with all health professionals, community, social and other care workers involved in the provision of care, recognising and respecting their contribution to the team.

Our Core Values:

Trust, Empathy and Expertise

Our commitment to caring for people is also reflected in our team values. Everyone working at CADRE understands what these core values are, and how they contribute to the service we provide.

Together, we make sure every client receives the high standard of service possible.

Trust – We are always honest and reliable, in what we say and what we do. We protect the privacy and dignity of those in our care.

Empathy – We strive to understand the needs and wishes of every individual; including service users, their loved ones, our colleagues and clients.

Expertise – We promote the highest standards of professional skills; constantly improving and sharing the latest techniques and best practice.

Our service provides you with:

  • Temporary staff available for your care home, we supply temporary staff to cover staff shortages in your nursing homes, day centers, and other care organisations

  • Our Nurses undertake HCA shifts too, because we may them well to use their skills in more than one way. 

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